The New Face of Security

A woman wakes in a curtained room restrained to a gurney. She's immediately branded a domestic terrorist and pressed for information by the only other person in the room with her. When she is less than forthcoming the torture begins but it's not what she was expecting.

A science-fiction short film with horror undertones targeted for a six minute rum time.

Status: Post production. Pending soundtrack, foley, and colour correciton.


  • Cassie Padfield
  • Sue Kluckow


  • Director of Photography: Joe Szilvagyi
  • Sound Recordist: Dave Zuch
  • Production Assistant: Ed Mochrie
  • Writer / Director: David Shute


An office slave, working alone after hours chasing a project down, notices a person lurking around in the hallway. Like the work he's engaged in, chasing down the intruder seems to only lead him in circles.

A sub-three minute dramatic piece

Status: Preproduction.

Bad Kitty

A college girl, home alone during Christmas break, has a series of scares as a masked serial killer stalks the neighbourhood.

Short comedy/spoof

Status: Preproduction and gathering funding.

Diggin' A Hole

A person out for a walk passes a man digging a suspciously shaped hole. Despite walking away several times they can't help but return to ask the digger what exactly they're doing and why.

A short black comedy.

Status: Preproduction.